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John Bendall’s Bridge Quiz – please argue about the answers

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Names of the Game
Why was Bridge called Bridge Answer
Why was Acol called Acol Answer
And where is Acol and what is the connection Answer
Film star Bridge player Answer
Ill-fated politician who helped to invent Acol Answer
Mr Blackwood’s first name Answer
Mr Stayman’s first name Answer
Mr Gerber’s first name Answer
Mr Cansino’s first name Answer
Why “Roman” Key Card Blackwood Answer
Who is the point count named after Answer
Who was Yarborough Answer
When and where and how were who accused of cheating Answer

Trivial pursuit
What do the Scrabble tiles add up to for the word Bridge Answer
Name a song with Bridge in the disturbingly wet title Answer
What classic children’s book by a mathematician is based in part on the pack of cards Answer
In which James Bond book does a game of Bridge take place Answer
Why is a high-low signal called a Peter Answer
What is a goulash Answer
What is a kibitzer Answer
Which card in the pack is known as “the curse of Scotland” Answer
Which card in the pack is known as “the Devil’s bedpost” Answer
When and where did Mr Bennett fail to make his 4S contract and what happened next Answer
What is the minimum points between the two hands to still be sure of making a Grand Slam Answer
How many bids, including Passes, are there in the longest possible legal bidding sequence Answer

Luck of the draw
What is the commonest hand pattern Answer
What is the probability of making a finesse Answer
If you and partner hold 11 of the 13 trumps what is the most likely split of the other two Answer
What is the probability of picking up a Yarborough Answer

When did who invent the Rubber Bridge scoring system we use today Answer
What is “the book”; and what are “odd tricks” Answer
In Duplicate what is the maximum score you can get as a result of making a contract Answer
In Duplicate what is the maximum penalty you can get for failing to make a contract Answer

What sort of bid should partner “alert” Answer
Who invented the “Stayman” convention Answer
When did who invent the Losing Trick Count Answer
When was what bid named after an orbiting satellite Answer
How did the AStRo bidding convention get its name Answer
What is an Astronaut Answer
What bidding convention was named after a headache tablet and by whom Answer
What two bidding conventions were the basis of Asptro Answer

Rule book
What is the Rule of 7 Answer
What is the Rule of 11 Answer
What is the Rule of 20 Answer

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